Becky Landy is experienced in a variety of artistic media, especially those that involve getting messy. Paint and pastels are among Becky’s favorite materials to use although she also enjoys knitting and rolling out ceramic tiles. Prior to joining Spotted Rabbit Studio Becky gave her artwork away as gifts to family and friends, however she is looking forward to bringing her work to a broader audience. Becky joined the apprenticeship program in January 2016 and is undergoing specialized training as a mosaic artist.

Becky was born with spina bifida and relies on a respirator to help her breathe. She navigates independently with an electric wheelchair and is accompanied regularly by nursing staff when out and about. Despite these challenges Becky absolutely loves life and is thrilled to be able to engage in such creative activities.

When Becky isn’t designing with perler beads or watching TV with her family she can be found spending time with her two dogs, Sirius and Curly (aka. mini me), or helping in the kitchen where she makes pies and cookies. Becky lives with her mother and two sisters in Brighton, NY.