Jordan Ristuccia has enjoyed art making as a group experience ever since she joined Spotted Rabbit Studio in October 2016. Jordan’s favorite activity at the studio is setting eyelets in our paper gift tags although she also works with clay to make ornaments, magnets, and pins. Jordan stamps many of the metal phrases for our vintage tags, in addition to applying image transfers.

Jordan has a genetic disorder called William’s Syndrome, which leads to learning difficulties and medical complications. Despite these challenges Jordan is quite social and welcomes the company of others.

When not at the studio Jordan is staying in touch with family and friends on Facebook, watching her favorite reality TV shows, and going out to eat. In the summer Jordan just about lives in the pool, even on the hottest days. On the weekend Jordan is often spending time with the family dogs and dreaming of one day owning her own pet. Jordan lives in her own apartment in Greece, NY.