Teeva Anvari has had a passion for the creative arts her entire life. Prior to joining Spotted Rabbit Studio in March 2016 Teeva took several art courses at Nazareth College through the LifePrep program. Teeva loves ceramics and can frequently be found in the clay studio rolling out ceramic tiles to be used in mosaic work. She also enjoys painting, with a preference for bright colors and more recently has been found in the wood shop nailing together panels for our planter boxes.

Teeva is a bit shy when meeting new people as she has an expressive language disorder and has difficulty communicating to others what she is thinking and feeling, although she can understand what others say just fine. Teeva is friendly and outgoing and connects with others through verbalization, gestures, and a special visual communication app on her iPad.

When not at the studio Teeva is most often out with friends. She is out bowling every weekend and in the summer plays in a softball league. Teeva also enjoys spending time outdoors, taking walks with her family (when the weather cooperates), and eating sushi. Teeva lives with her parents in Brighton, NY.