APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM: Art-Based, Pre-Vocational Training for All Abilities

What Is The Apprenticeship Program?

More than just art classes Spotted Rabbit Studio’s apprenticeship program offers quality artistic training on a vocational level in a safe and supportive environment. In addition to technical ability we focus on developing entrepreneurial and social skills with the belief that individuals can lead productive and meaningful lives, regardless of (dis)ability, socioeconomic status, and previous artistic training. Our apprenticeship program is operated from within a working collaborative arts studio giving participants the experience of a regular work routine that most people take for granted. Studio production supervisors provide participants with personalized training with a focus on increasing the speed and quality of work created.

With access to quality art making space, equipment & materials, technical training, creativity mentoring, and entrepreneurial skill building we have found that self-esteem can be fostered, connections can be forged, and individuals can find their calling. Spotted Rabbit Studio understands that every artist has something valuable to offer the world and brings to the apprenticeship program a set of skills and personal goals that are uniquely theirs.

As artists our goal is to tailor the apprenticeship experience to fit the participant, rather than the other way around. We want to highlight strengths, minimize weaknesses, overcome challenges and build a community where we are all accepted exactly the way we are.

When Is The Program Offered?

The apprenticeship program at Spotted Rabbit Studio currently operates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Morning work groups run from 9am-11:30am and afternoon work groups run from 12:30pm-3pm. Full-day participants enjoy lunch and social activities from 11:30am-12:30pm.

The apprenticeship program has the most to offer those that attend consistently and so we ask that participants commit to regular days/times to attend each week. You do not need to come for the entire time frame, however you will be billed the full amount for any portion of the morning and/or afternoon session you attend.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

The apprenticeship program is open to individuals age 18 or older who have an interest in pursuing art-making in a vocational capacity. Our priority is to serve individuals of all abilities who are otherwise not eligible for existing supported employment programs or traditional educational paths, however there are no exclusions in terms of who can participate.

Spotted Rabbit Studio has a limited number of slots for individuals who may have sufficient technical ability but are looking to meet other social needs inherent to a collaborative arts studio. We are particularly well suited to support individuals who would like assistance in exhibiting and marketing their artwork.

Is The Studio Wheelchair Accessible?

Yes, Spotted Rabbit Studio is wheelchair accessible! An attached parking lot easily accommodates loading and unloading, with an entrance only feet from the parking lot. While our primary studio is located on the ground floor and provides wheelchair accessibility the space is not fully ADA compliant (bathroom can accommodate most manual wheelchairs). We are currently saving funds to purchase and outfit a studio mid-2018 so as to offer a truly accessible work space!

Our secondary studio at The Refinery currently houses our wood shop and will be wheelchair accessible once the exterior ramp near our entrance is added.

Our space is entirely LATEX FREE and we are happy to accommodate any other allergies or special needs. Please just let us know!

What Are The Options For Transportation?

Unfortunately Spotted Rabbit Studio is not in a position to offer transportation to participants at this time. Many participants get dropped off/picked up by family or friends, or drive themselves. Some participants attend the apprenticeship program with their staff and receive transportation that way. Individuals who use self-determination or waiver funds may be eligible for medicaid transportation.

If transportation is holding you back from attending let us know – We’d love to help!

What Is The Cost To Participate?

Our experience shows us that individuals learn best when provided with individualized training on a consistent basis so the apprenticeship program has a high staff to participant ratio with low turnover. While product sales help to offset this cost, we do charge a nominal fee for participation in the apprenticeship program. Please note that as with our other services, sliding scale rates are available for those who qualify.

Participation for the Apprenticeship Program is scheduled and billed for on a monthly basis. This enables us to reserve your spot in a limited-availability program, as well as reduce administration costs. Participation can be mixed and matched depending on program availability and your schedule, however we ask that you commit to these days and times for the entire month. You do not need to come for the entire time frame, however you will be billed the full amount for any portion of the morning and/or afternoon session you attend.

Monthly Fees
Half-Day (morning or afternoon): 1 day per week $100/mo, 2 days per week $200/mo, 3 days per week $300/mo
Full-Day (morning, lunch/social activity & afternoon): 1 day per week $180/mo, 2 days per week $360/mo, 3 days per week $540/mo

“The purpose of life is to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you lived at all.” -l. rosten

What Kind Of Art Do Participants Make?

Spotted Rabbit Studio is set up to produce a variety of Signature Products that we sell at local arts festivals, in stores, and online.

Wood – birdhouses, planter boxes, whittled plant markers
Fiber – hand-sewn bird decor, felted ornaments, knitted hats & scarves
Ceramic – magnets, mosaics, pendants, whimsy bells, flowers & garden art
Holiday – gift tags, wire wrapped stars, ceramic ornaments

Spotted Rabbit Studio has a fully functional wood shop, ceramics studio, and mixed media center so we are prepared to make just about anything! Sarah and staff work with each participant to develop a line of products they can make both independently and in collaboration with other artists to sell. We not only evaluate the skill set of participants when determining projects, but also their personal interests and artistic preferences.

What Business Skills Are Developed?

The apprenticeship program is focused on teaching more than just art making skills. Participants are involved in all areas of studio operation, providing them with a level of business skills rarely provided outside of higher education. Participants analyze product trends while developing new production items; learn to price work and determine profit margins; practice ordering supplies and manage inventory; gain a cursory understanding of legal issues, tax regulations, and bookkeeping; and engage in marketing activities including print, web, and social media.

As an arts community Spotted Rabbit Studio challenges participants to form connections between themselves, others, and the world they live in through the development of soft skills. With the common goal to make, exhibit, and sell quality works of art participants are supported in building skills in communication, cooperation, compromise, self-esteem, self-efficacy, decision making, and initiative.

I’m Interested, What’s The Next Step?

Take a peek at our portfolio to learn more about the art being made through the apprenticeship program, as well as meet individual artists. Then contact us at the studio to set up a tour.

During the tour you will have a chance to see the studio space, meet other artists, look through some of your personal artwork, and talk about your goals as an artist. If it seems like a good fit, we can discuss how to get you set up to join!

Registration Forms

Apprenticeship Program Registration Form (Self-Pay) click to download

Apprenticeship Program Registration Form (Self-Determination) click to download