“The most creative people are the ones that are least affected by the limitations of reality.” -j. wilke


Want to learn a new skill or technique? Or maybe you have an idea to share with the world and aren’t sure where to start? Visual Art and Music Classes provide individuals the opportunity to explore the creative process, expand the technical quality of their work, develop a personal style, or receive guidance in exhibiting, performing, and/or selling their artwork. With personalized individual instruction teaching artists at Spotted Rabbit are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whether your ideas are destined for entrepreneurial ends or are an exploration into self-expression.


Our teaching artists are not only experts in their field, having performed/exhibited nationally and internationally, but they are experienced educators with the skill to adapt instruction to meet the needs of those with a wide range of abilities and ages. Whether it’s your dream to have a solo show in NYC or simply enjoy some quiet time with the creative process, Spotted Rabbit has you covered.


At Spotted Rabbit we customize the art making experience to you. We invite you to take a tour of the studio and meet personally with the director so that we can learn a bit about you and your creative goals. Then we’ll match you with a teaching artist and schedule classes around your availability.


Individual classes for youth and adults are $45/hr. All equipment and materials are included. Monthly invoices are provided for individuals with third party payers (ex. Self-Determination Plans, Waiver Services). Individuals with limited resources may be considered for a sliding scale rate on a case-by-case basis.



More than knitting and weaving, the term “fiber arts” refers to all things soft and plush. This includes hand sewing, machine sewing, various forms of weaving (table loom, circle knitters, hand-held looms), knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, needlepoint, and felting, among others.


After training in safety protocols you’ll gain access to fundamental tools – hand saws, cordless drills & screwdrivers, hammers, electric sander, miter saw, and more (depending on ability). With adjustable height work benches and plenty of raw materials you can make just about anything you imagine in our wood shop!


From simple to complex, we have you covered. We have the basics, including tile nippers and bulk supplies of adhesive and grout. Spotted Rabbit Studio has a collection of glass, ceramic and found objects to use for mosaic projects which is added to regularly by our ceramics artists.


We specialize in hand building with access to low- and high-fire clays, a variety of glazes, and a huge assortment of both formal ceramic tools and found objects for use in our dedicated ceramic space. With a kiln onsite and weekly firings you’ll spend less time waiting and more time creating.


Have an idea that requires multiples of the same image? Our linoleum cutters, brayers, water-based printing ink and printmaking paper offer the perfect solution. Or try your hand at mono-printing using glass and gelatin bases, found objects, and paints.


Have an idea that requires multiples of the same image? Our linoleum cutters, brayers, water-based printing ink and printmaking paper offer the perfect solution. Or try your hand at mono-printing using glass and gelatin bases, found objects, and paints.


See how a little metal can add life to your fiber art, woodworking, mixed media, and paper craft projects. We have hollow metal punches; letter stamps; eyelet, grommet, and snap setting tools; metal blanks; and jewelry wire to add creative flare and intricate detail to projects.


Spotted Rabbit Studio has everything you need to get started making your own beaded jewelry or to use in combination with other mediums. We have multiple sets of all the basic beading pliers as well as all the necessary findings and a wide assortment of beads in every color.


As a mixed media artist Sarah has been collecting miscellaneous items and decorative details for decades. Available in the studio are assortments of papers, feathers, sequins, buttons, bells, jewels, glitter, ribbons & strings and many other “found objects” that defy categorization.


Explore the use of electronics in art making through circuit bending, electronic music, and introductory computer programming and robotics. Explore how tinkering with old electronic toys and computers can provide you with the inspiration and parts to create something new visually and/or musically.


Upgrade your sock puppets with a little inspiration from the muppets! We’ve got all the parts, if you have the imagination. Plus, once you’ve created your puppets, improv and puppet artist Keith Handy will help you bring your creation to life with expressive hand movements and voice.


Learn to play an instrument, experiment with improvisation, practice relaxation and meditation techniques, and engage in musical self-expression – all in a safe and open environment. Explore guitar, ukulele, piano, drums and other percussion instruments.



Unlike traditional art studios we offer 100% personalized individual classes. That is, we invite you to take a tour of the studio and meet with the director so we can learn about you and your creative goals. Then, if you haven’t already met them, we’ll set up a meet and greet with a teaching artist we feel would be a good fit for your ability, personality, and artistic goals. From there you’ll schedule classes based on the availability of yourself, the teaching artist and our art making space!
Contact Spotted Rabbit Studio to let us know what you’re interested in and to set up a tour!


Individual classes are $45 per hour and are pro-rated for shorter or longer sessions. All materials and supplies are included. Sliding scale rates are available for those with financial need.
Invoices for individual classes are emailed/mailed at the conclusion of each billing month with payment expected no later than four weeks following receipt of the invoice. Spotted Rabbit Studio accepts cash, check and credit. Please read over the payment agreement in the class registration form for more details.
A minimum of 24 hours notice is required when cancelling or rescheduling individual classes. If classes are missed not due to unexpected illness or emergency an in person meeting may be required to address attendance issues, or you may be charged the full rate of the class.


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