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Spotted Rabbit Studio believes that good therapists specialize in particular areas of mental health treatment. Even within our group practice, our individual therapists have their own areas of expertise. Not only because of advanced training in these areas, but because they have personal experience and a real interest with these things as well. We encourage you to fully explore our specialties, and read about the therapist(s) at Spotted Rabbit who work in those areas.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” 

g. o’keeffe

What We Do


Have you ever been told to just relax? Yeah, it’s not very helpful is it? Our therapists believe it’s important to understand the connection between our emotions and our nervous system so we can find effective strategies for anxiety that impact both mind and body. Using an ACT and polyvagal perspective we help your nervous system find a sense of safety and calm.

Complex Trauma

Not having your emotional needs met as a child can lead to becoming an adult that struggles to form and maintain healthy relationships and has a hard time trusting others. You might find it’s hard to set boundaries, and that you have unrealistic standards for yourself. We can explain how trauma impacts development and help you make sense of the chaos.

Creative art classes

Our teaching artists are experienced in a variety of traditional and non-traditional visual arts media and methods. Personalized art classes allow participants opportunities to explore the creative process, develop a personal style and expand the technical quality of their artwork all while practicing critical soft skills such as communication, socialization, and frustration tolerance.


Here at Spotted Rabbit we take a whole body approach to treating depression. We help you look at how your past and present lived experiences impact you, review the stories you continue to tell about yourself, explore how your actions align with your values, and help you improve your relationships and environment to better meet your needs.

Intuitive Eating

Using an intuitive eating philosophy we help you reconnect with your body, learn to trust your own hunger, and take steps to address the underlying issues that lead you to use food to cope. This leads to a greater sense of control over food choices, increased understanding of your emotions, and a more positive sense of self.


Life can be pretty miserable when we aren’t living as our authentic selves. Many of our Spotted Rabbit therapists identify as LGBTQIA+ so they know what it’s like in the real world to try to live as someone they aren’t. They also know what it’s like to try to figure out exactly who you are and what you want to present to the rest of the world.

Non-Traditional Relationships

Open communication and emotional vulnerability are at the root of all healthy relationships, no matter what they look like, how many partners you have, or whether your love is platonic or romantic. We can help you navigate what kind of relationship is right for you and then help you build the skills to strengthen your connection to those you love most.