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Meet Lyrah (they/them)

Specializing in LGBTQIA+ issues and gender affirming care, neurodiversity, systemic oppression, and complex trauma.

Openings currently limited @ Pittsford. Please contact for availability.

In-network with Cigna & MVP. $125 self-pay rate.

HRT and surgery letters provided.

As a queer and nonbinary individual, I am passionate about working with and advocating for trans and neurodiverse communities. I strive to provide my clients a safe, sensory-friendly, and creative space to work through life’s challenges with a provider with whom they know has shared experiences and extensive experience in providing affirming care. I have advanced training in systemic oppression and multicultural therapy, and provide gender-affirming services like letters of recommendation for HRT and gender affirming surgeries.

As LGBTQPIA+ and neurodivergent individuals, our daily lives are often clouded with shame, anxiety, isolation, and trauma due to feeling like we don’t fit in. The therapeutic act of creating can assist us with finding healing, empowerment, self-discovery, and community. Art therapy uniquely suits common issues faced by the LGBTQPIA+ and neurodiverse communities, because so many of our negative experiences center around not feeling comfortable, confident, or accepted as our authentic selves. Through the act of art-making, you’re able to freely explore and express yourself and work towards feeling more in control and capable of handling life’s challenges. Additionally, through the lens of Trauma Informed Care, Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) aids us in working towards the goal of no longer letting our emotions, thoughts, and past trauma control and disrupt us in the present. Through developing effective coping skills and using art-based techniques, you can learn to overcome difficult thoughts and feelings, and become more connected to your present self. Overall, when working with clients, my goal as a therapist is to make sure you are feeling heard, accepted, and supported on our therapeutic journey together.

  • Are you feeling misunderstood or disconnected from others or yourself?
  • Do you struggle with feelings of stress, anxiety, shame, or depression and aren’t sure how to stop the cycle?
  • Do you feel alone? Do you feel a lack of community or struggle with forming and maintaining satisfying relationships?
  • Have you been questioning your gender and/or sexuality, and are in need of a supportive and safe place for exploration?
  • Are you wanting to come out and live as your true self with family, work, or school but have been avoiding doing so?
  • Are you experiencing anxiety/fear related to discrimination and overall lack of safety and security within society?
  • Do you suspect you have ADHD or autism?
  • Are you looking for a therapist who is personally part of the LGBTQPIA+ community?

If the answer to many of these is yes, please reach out to see how I can help. You can email me below or give me a call at 585-430-9877 x704.

Lyrah Wallace, LCAT is licensed in New York State as a creative arts therapist. They have two MS degrees from Emporia State University in art therapy and clinical counseling. They have been practicing art-based psychotherapy since 2018.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” 

C. jung

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