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LGBTQIA+ Therapy
LGBTQ Affirming Care

Do you have questions about your sexuality or gender?

Do You…
  • have difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions?
  • find it challenging to find joy in people and activities?
  • struggle to know who you are and what’s important to you?
  • want to explore your sexuality and/or gender?
  • find it hard to make and maintain healthy relationships with others?
  • worry about what others think about you?
  • want to live more authentically with family, friends, and society?


“The reward of conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.”

r.m. brown

LGBTQIA+ Focused Treatment

Those within the LGBTQIA+ community have unique concerns that if left unaddressed often lead to inauthentic presentation of self and difficulty forming and maintaining intimate relationships. Many individuals are looking for support as they explore their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Others might be secure in their sense of self but struggle with interpersonal relationships, intimacy, and expression/acceptance of self within the larger community. Still others are overwhelmed by advocacy burnout and feeling understood. When we don’t feel safe or confident about ourselves, it is difficult for us to advocate for our wants and needs, set boundaries, and use assertive communication within our interactions with family, peers, and romantic partners. This leads to us feeling unvalidated, being devalued, and it perpetuates low self-esteem and self-worth.

With everything at stake, why do so many individuals put off seeking help? Let’s be real, many therapeutic providers are not Queer friendly, or even if they are they aren’t Queer competent. Many folks have had a history of difficult experiences with being accepted by others and so reaching out is often impacted by overwhelming feelings of fear and/or shame. At Spotted Rabbit Studio we are well aware of the social and cultural issues that surround identifying as Queer and seeking psychological help. Our therapists who specialize in LGBTQIA+ issues also identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. They have personally experienced what it’s like to live inauthentically as well as what it’s like to transition into their genuine selves. Using a person centered approach grounded in family systems theory we focus on providing support as you explore all aspects of yourself in relation to your lived experiences and social context. Our goal is to provide assistance in identifying and expressing your authentic self while cultivating self-compassion and self-acceptance. We focus on helping you set boundaries and advocate for needs so that you can create a social environment in which you belong. Therapy here happens in a safe, supportive environment at a speed that you are comfortable with and that is respectful of your personal narrative. We seek to help you feel whole and ensure your life has meaning and purpose.

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