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Specializing in children, teens & young adults, agoraphobia, OCD, chronic pain/illness, life transitions, and trauma.

Openings currently available @ Pittsford.
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Do you feel stuck? That your symptoms limit what you do and make your life small? Do other people just tell you to “get over it”? Since you’re here reading this you probably already know that these people are wrong. The best way to deal with our problems isn’t by pushing them aside (believe me, I’ve tried), but by facing them. Running away only makes the problem grow bigger and we end up losing more and more control over our own lives, missing out on all the things that give life meaning. If you’re unsure how to move past difficult situations and triggers and want to see what else life holds for you, therapy might be a great next step.

As a therapist I believe in helping you not only to live, but to thrive. My approach encompasses person-centered, mindful, and existential aspects in order to see, support, and value you as the unique person you are. I aim to be authentic and transparent, creating a safe space for you to embark on self-discovery and explore your own solutions. Mindfulness focuses on being more aware and reducing automatic responses like judgment and stress, both in the mind and in the body. Existential therapy helps you face anxiety, choice, and the meaning in life through free will and self-determination while emphasizing self-awareness and acceptance. I also use art making in sessions to provide you with an outlet to release unwanted feelings, provide a method of communication when words are difficult to access, and give you a non-judgmental space to express whatever emotions you may be feeling. I am also a certified reiki master and bring elements of this into therapy sessions through meditation, yoga, and crystal energy. Overall I hope to help you better understand for yourself what it means to be human, the good and the bad. Through our work together I anticipate you being able to access your strengths more consistently, better understand your personal needs and values, and discover healthier ways to express and honor your emotions.

  • Are you confused about what you want in life or who you want to be?
  • Do you regularly doubt your ability to make decisions, big or small?
  • Are you self-conscious or are you always worried about what others will think?
  • Do you put the needs of others before your own?
  • Is it challenging to connect with your family, and even friends?
  • Do you find it difficult to calm down once you’ve been upset by something?
  • Do you regularly ruminate on anxious thoughts?

If the answer to many of these is yes, please reach out to see how I can help. You can email me below or give me a call at 585-430-9877 x708.

Shawn Shannon-Missal has a MS in counseling with a concentration in art therapy from PennWest/Edinboro University and is under supervision by Sarah Beren, LCAT. She has been practicing art-based psychotherapy since 2024.

“Nobody is wired wrong because there’s no wrong and right in the way we are.” 

h. hart

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