Intern art therapist

Meet Sydney! (they/them)

Specializing in LGBTQIA+ issues, neurodiversity, childhood emotional neglect, and complex trauma.

Currently accepting clients for August 2024 start @ Brighton. $40 self-pay rate.

As we grow up, parts of our identity are sewn on like patches by those around us – parents, siblings, teachers, peers, and even society. These patches often stay with us into adulthood where we start to realize that they may not be representative of our authentic selves, but of what others expect us to be. Ripping out these patches, mending the holes, and finding our true self is a challenging and emotional process. It involves saying goodbye to people and places, rediscovering what really gives our life meaning, and a commitment to unmasking in a society that doesn’t always think highly of the people who do.

My goal is to help you through this process. This may involve finding your values, setting new boundaries, unmasking neurodivergence, exploring gender and sexuality, and/or developing healthy coping skills for the days when the world is just too much. In our sessions we will use the tactile and sensory nature of art making to express feelings, explore identity, and process trauma. Art gently pushes our brains to express hidden thoughts and emotions and as such I believe art is inherently therapeutic and often surpasses what we are able to express verbally. I use a combination of art-as-therapy, personalized art activities, and person centered talk therapy to help you understand your inner-world. I use concepts from Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) to guide our sessions. This style of therapy is rooted in accepting yourself instead of changing yourself and can help us figure out what realistic behavioral and environmental shifts will make your life more fulfilling. We’ll touch on themes of confidence, self-worth, and self-care. Additionally I am excited to offer my clients a gender affirming, and sex positive space. I want you to feel comfortable showing up however you are in each moment knowing I will listen, value, and believe you. 

  • Do you suspect you have ADHD or Autism?
  • Are you having difficulty with everyday life tasks, but you don’t know why?
  • Do you feel like you are wearing a mask and can’t be your true authentic self?
  • Do you want to find motivation, meaning, and a love for life, but don’t know where to start? 
  • Does it feel like the world is ending, everything is on fire, and you can’t cope?
  • Did you grow up in a family where your emotional needs were not a priority?
  • Have you been questioning your gender/sexuality, and in need of a supportive and safe place for exploration?

If the answer to many of these is yes, please reach out to see how I can help. You can email me below or give me a call at 585-430-9877 x711.

Sydney Dlhopolsky is a second-year graduate student at Nazareth College working on a master’s degree in creative arts therapy.  They are under supervision by Kit Shulman, LCAT.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” 

C. Jung

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