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Meet Ciera! (they/her)

Specializing in LGBTQIA+ issues and gender affirming care for children, teens and young adults, anxiety, depression, and complex trauma.

Openings currently limited @ Pittsford. Please contact for availability. $88 self-pay rate.

Do you find it difficult to explain to others why you’re struggling? Do they keep saying that you have a great life and have no reason to be anxious or depressed? If you find it challenging to consistently be your authentic self this probably sounds familiar. You feel like you are supposed to feel happy. But you don’t. You feel like you should be proud of your accomplishments. But you aren’t. You feel like you should know what you want to do with your life. But you’ve got absolutely no idea.

Feeling stuck often has to do with a lack of authenticity in your life; your actions aren’t aligned with your own personal values, that in some ways you are living your life according to the wants and expectations of others while ignoring your own boundaries. As someone who is LGBTQ+ I’ve personally experienced what it’s like to live inauthentically, as well as what it’s like to transition into my genuine self. As a therapist I prioritize helping you identify your own personal values and challenge the belief that we have to live the life others expect us to, particularly when it comes to our gender and sexual identity. In sessions together, we’ll use art-making to practice introspection, to develop healthy coping skills, and as a way to heal. Not only do I offer a listening ear, but I can help you better identify and understand your emotions and how they relate to unmet needs and unresolved trauma so you can live a life that is truly your own.

  • Are you struggling to know who you are or do you feel like you just don’t fit in?
  • Do you find it challenging to make and maintain healthy relationships (peer, romantic, family)?
  • Do you feel self-conscious and always worried about what others will think?
  • Have you been questioning your gender/sexuality, and are in need of a supportive and safe place for exploration?
  • Do you wish you had more effective coping skills when you get overwhelmed?
  • Do you struggle with symptoms of anxiety or depression?
  • Are you looking for a therapist who is personally part of the LGBTQPIA+ community?

If the answer to many of these is yes, please reach out to see how I can help. You can email me below or give me a call at 585-430-9877 x707.

Ciera LaCount, is a second year, Master’s level intern at Nazareth College and is under supervision by Sarah Beren, LCAT. They will be They have a B.S. in Studio art from Nazareth College with a minor in psychology.

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.”

g.b. Shaw

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