Individual Therapy

Individual art therapy is a personalized opportunity to explore yourself and how you approach the world. Spotted Rabbit Studio offers 60 minute therapy sessions on a weekly or every other week basis. We won’t demand that you come on a certain schedule, however those that come more frequently often see benefits sooner and retain benefits more effectively between sessions.

And what exactly does individual therapy at Spotted Rabbit Studio look like? Here’s what to expect:

As licensed creative arts therapists we have been trained in traditional psychotherapy techniques (talk therapy) as well as the use of the visual art making within sessions. Therapy is individualized so the role of art in your sessions is dependent on your wants and needs. We simply ask that you remain open to the experience.

Once you contact us to set up your first session we will email you a link to a secure web portal where you can complete the standard therapy intake paperwork. We know it is frightening to be vulnerable so early on in the relationship so please complete the paperwork in whatever detail you are comfortable with. At Spotted Rabbit Studio we know that it takes time for folks to open up, and that sometimes trust can take a while to establish. Unfortunately, our profession mandates we collect this information for all new clients. That’s why we give you complete control over what you choose to share.

At your first session we’ll typically start off by asking you why you decided to start therapy. You’ll lead the conversation, although we might ask some questions to get to know you. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know your therapist. If you are open to art-making we may ask you to participate in a drawing exercise related to why you’re here. At the end of the first session your therapist will have some thoughts for you about what therapy might look like, including what areas we would suggest we work on together.

As therapy continues, we typically turn to you to direct the conversation within each session, however we will assist you in remaining focused on those values and goals you identified earlier on in your therapeutic journey. As your therapist we will share our observations with you, as well as ask you to participate in more structured activities aimed to explore thoughts and beliefs. For those who are interested we sometimes ask clients to complete a reading or worksheet in-between sessions. If you are comfortable with art making we may suggest you doodle while we talk so that you are more relaxed and less anxious. We may also ask you to create artwork with a particular subject matter so that afterwards we can process the experience and discuss anything that might have surfaced. Your therapeutic journey will likely involve a blend of talk therapy and art making, and will be entirely unique to you. As always, we ask you to be open with us about your preferences so that we can provide a therapeutic experience that best fits your needs.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.”– c. rogers

Meet Our Therapists

Fiona, Studio Dog

Fiona believes in the healing power of connection and is a huge proponent of animal assisted therapy. She works at our Monroe Ave location during the week and on Saturday mornings. Fiona is here to greet you at the door, sit with you while you wait, and even join you in sessions if you request. She might bark a little when you arrive, as she’s just so excited to meet you, but is otherwise well behaved and friendly. If you’re not keen on dogs, no worries – we can ask Fiona to hang out in a different room when you’re at the studio.

Rivka Polisky, LCAT, ATR-BC

It’s possible to feel better and do the things you want to do. The art-making process is a powerful tool for this exploration, and can help you connect with your inner child and subconscious mind. You can be at any stage in your art journey. The most important thing is that you’re open and willing to engage in the process. In our work together we can also integrate mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation to help with grounding and regulating emotions. I aim to create a safe haven for your full self.

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Shawn Shannon-Missal, Intern

Empathy and creativity are my strengths. Anxiety and depression are my challenges. I believe, rather than seeing ourselves as a bunch of “good” or “bad” characteristics, we must learn to accept and integrate all of these aspects into a whole. The process of acceptance can be an uneasy or painful one. I like to use artistic activities so we can give those uncomfortable feelings a place to go – into the art. Currently, my favorite mediums to work with are collage/mixed media, abstract oil painting, and photography.

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Ciera LaCount, Intern

When I was younger, I took apart pens, flashlights, and laser pointers because I wanted to see the inner workings. Despite struggling to put them back together, I felt attuned, focused, and creative. This followed me for the rest of my life; using art making as a way to work through life’s plethora of challenges. As a graduate level art therapy intern, I am now learning and witnessing the ways in which art making can foster change in others as well by building confidence and serving as an emotional release.

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E.S. Pelkey, LCAT-LP

One of the things I enjoy most about art is the liberation it provides as it serves as a pure expression of your thoughts and emotions. Expressing oneself authentically can be difficult when faced with the expectations placed on us by ourselves and others. My aim as a therapist is to assist people on their journey of self-discovery and acceptance, using art as a way to gain confidence in themselves and their identity. When you are confident in yourself, reaching for the stars becomes just a bit easier.

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Alyssa D’Agostino, LCAT-LP

Finding new ways to express myself is a passion of mine. I found over time that creation is where I can truly be honest with myself and how I am feeling. As a therapist, I am inspired to help guide others to find their own expressive outlets so that they can also work towards well being and healing. Art making is a powerful experience, and can help with emotional awareness, processing difficult emotions and experiences, and learning new ways to communicate with yourself and with others.

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Lyrah Wallace, LCAT-LP

Being able to embrace and express ourselves as LGBTQPIA+ is indispensable on one’s path to living a fulfilling life. Personally, art has not only become a vital form of self-expression but serves as a vehicle for coping with a world that often is not accepting of people like me. In therapy, I help clients connect with their authentic selves and heal from the stressors that come from living as a marginalized person. It is very important to me that we work towards a mindset of not just self-acceptance, but a mindset of self-celebration.

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Sarah Perry, LCAT

The language of art was one I started learning early on. I have always found one of most accurate ways to express my true self was by creating something. To me, the act of creating or making things is similar to the act of breathing, it is a basic human need. I believe a lot of issues people face in the world today could be helped if people were able to feel more authentic and connected to themselves. I want to help others learn how to use creative expression to better understand and share their own true self.

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Kit Shulman, LCAT

In the beginning it didn’t matter whether I created ‘good’ or ‘bad’ art. All that mattered was creating. As I got older and met the plentiful critics in the world I became more self conscious and shut away pieces of my identity along with the freedom that comes with art-making. Trauma can happen at any point in life, for any reason, and in any way. I strive to help clients work towards emotional resolution of these issues and understand how they can exist in a world that doesn’t always suit itself to their existence.

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Monica Devine-Haley, LCAT

As a child I always gravitated towards creating things but as I got older I realized that the act of creation was therapeutic for me. Because of this I greatly enjoy inspiring others to find creative experiences that are nurturing and healing for them. I utilize a variety of art media to develop relaxation skills and increase a sense of safety during sessions. It is my goal to provide you or your child with a toolbox of skills that can also be utilized outside of sessions to manage painful memories and stressful events.

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Sarah Beren, LCAT

Early on, I decided to become the therapist I wish I had met growing up. Someone who validates thoughts and emotions. Someone who understands that emotional distress is often the result of unhealthy families and traumatic childhood experiences. Someone who knows your unhappiness isn’t your fault even though you’re the one who got stuck with addressing it. Being heard and unconditionally accepted as your authentic self is life changing and I am so honored to assist others as they navigate these new experiences.

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